EAD 06 (Germany, 2005)

The University of the Arts Bremen, Germany held the 6th International Conference of the European Academy of Design in March 29-31, 2005.


The application of systemic and evolutionary approaches to design theory, design practice, design research and design education.

Design and design research are for the main part still adhering to the conviction that scientific research efforts will necessarily increase planning capacity and predictive power with respect to the success of design solutions. The leading paradigm seems to be based upon the assumption that the design field will more and more become a subject of causal models, that the formerly white map will become increasingly colourful and complete, and that the swampy regions of uncertainty and unpredictability will be subsequently replaced by solid and well-grounded knowledge. Historical experience and empirical evidence, however, permit us to be sceptical about this modernistic assumption. 

This conference aimed to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of new approaches and ideas, and maybe to initiate a framework for the development of a new domain of design research.

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