EAD 04 (Portugal, 2001)

The University of Aveiro, Portugal, hosted the 4th International Conference of the European Academy of Design in April 2001.


This conference, held at the Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal, followed the success of the European Academy of Design’s three previous international conferences.

Globalisation and the trends in commuication technologies is changing the way people and organisations think and act. Design and designers contribute to the changing environment, in the ways in which they interpret and translate the material world.

Design operates at both global, regional and local levels, at strategic and operational levels, in personal, social and environmental contexts. This conference was about setting the agenda for design research, for reflecting on design and design research now and in the future.

The themes for the conferences covered:

  • the influencing and mediating nature of design between the user and society
  • design as a strategic tool for groups, organisations, governments, education
  • designs responsibility ethically, socially, etc.
  • practice centred design research