EAD 02 (Sweden, 1997)

The 2nd International Conference of the European Academy of Design took place The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden in April 1997.


The second Academy conference built on the success of the first conference, being attended by over 162 delegates from 13 European countries, as well as delegates from the USA, Australia, Turkey, South Africa and New Zealand.

Over 70 papers were presented on areas which considered design in scientific, educational, managerial, regional, industrial, future, cultural, system, visual research and environmental contexts.

Papers presented included:

  • Design definitions for the next millennium
  • Design management in small companies
  • Design and innovation in successful product completion
  • To train or to educate – Teachin design in the context of educational change
  • Smart materials: A new context for electronic consumer products
  • Industrial design for competitiveness
  • Housing Design in national and temproal context of VR
  • Gendered spaces: Design, gender and education for urban futures